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Easily calculate and reduce your carbon footprint with Bootprint.
Why Bootprint
At Bootprint, we help companies calculate and tackle their carbon footprints. Many companies are interested in calculating their emissions but don't currently do so. Our aim is to change this by making it as easy as possible.

We use software to provide you with the tools you need to manage all aspects of your carbon footprint, from calculation to analysis and action.

Bootprint is easy to use, and our powerful yet simple dashboard provides the overview that businesses need to easily track their carbon emissions.
Conversion Factors
At Bootprint, we use over 9000 conversion factors to accurately account for your carbon emissions. By automating the calculations through software and doing the hard work behind the scenes, we make the process simple and effective, while maintaining total transparency.

We only use official or peer reviewed conversion factors such as the Official UK Government Conversion Factors. For each conversion, you can see which conversion factor was used and the source for it.
Greenhouse Gas Protocol
At Bootprint, all our emissions calculations and methodologies follow the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The GHG Protocol is an internationally recognised standard for calculating and declaring emissions.
Privacy & Data
Privacy and data security is foundational to Bootprint. We will never sell your data and only share if you agree. You are the owner of your data and you can delete or export it at any time.

You can read our full privacy policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is climate change?
Climate change is the largest environmental challenge facing the world today. Rising global temperatures are bringing changes in weather patterns, rising sea levels, and increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather. The effects are being felt both in the UK and worldwide. Climate change is caused by the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
What are greenhouse gases?
Greenhouse gases are a category of gases that include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Emissions to the atmosphere of each of these gases causes global warming to varying degrees. Of the greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide is expected to be responsible for about two-thirds of the anticipated future warming.
What causes greenhouse gas emissions?
Human activities release greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. This includes using electricity generated from fossil fuel power stations, burning gas for heating, or driving a car. Within the UK it is estimated that business activities account for about half of all emissions.
Why are emissions measured in carbon dioxide equivalent?
All greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere are converted into the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide, based upon their impact on the climate. This allows emissions to be tracked by a single metric.
Can Bootprint help reduce my company's carbon footprint?
Yes, Bootprint can help reduce your company's carbon footprint. The first stage to do this is to calculate and measure your emissions, Bootprint can then provide suggestions for the most cost-effective way to reduce your emissions.
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